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Happy New Year or should I say happy new lockdown not that there’s much to be happy about either way! Anyway I hope my latest update finds you all safe and well pursuing hobbies you have more time for now or helping the kids with home schooling if not a bit of both.

From the Clubs perspective your committee have continued to be busy up to and over the festive period and remain hopeful of both a full and successful season ahead of us. Early December saw the delayed AGM take place via ‘Teams’ and was very well attended which was encouraging to see. A copy of the Chairman’s and Treasurer’s AGM Reports along with the Club’s Constitution, changes to which were voted on and accepted, are now available to read via our Club Website for those who could not attend.

The following club officers were elected on the night:-

Chairman Jullian Marshall-James
Vice Chairman Mark Downing
Hon. Secretary Betty Rowlands
Hon. Treasurer Linda Retter

And then post the AGM at the 1st meeting of the Executive Committee the following members were co-opted into the following committee positions:-

Club President Mike Back
Chairman of Youth Pascal Szczepanski (Interim)
Cricket Manager Rick Hyett
Fixtures Secretary Darren Taylor
Committee Member Duncan Ireland
Welfare Officer Amanda Downing
Head Groundsman Tom Parkman

In addition to this and in line with the new constitution the following team captains have now been appointed for the coming season:-

1st XI Sam Rowswell
2nd XI George Johnson
3rd XI George Preston
Sunday XI Mark Oppe

My thanks to all those that volunteered to continue to support the Club this coming season by undertaking these roles.

Maintaining the playing theme as I said in my AGM report we have a very talented group of players and we must trust and invest in them to get the best from them. To that end I am pleased to confirm that discussions are now well advanced with two ECB Coaches who are both well known to us, Matt Pardoe and Andrew Draper, to support both the senior and youth sections respectively with their ongoing player development. Likewise we continue to pursue a quality Pro-Player who will add balance and quality to our 1st XI and I hope to be in a position to update you further on that next month.

Away from the playing side here are a few other updates:-

Ground Force - as you’d expect our fantastic facilities need continual care and attention too so our thanks goes out to the following members who spared their time to support this over the last month or so – Mark, Mike, Phil M, Pascal, Duncan, Bob and Barry. We rely heavily on our volunteers to support the success of our club and are always actively seeking additional volunteers to do little jobs or even take up a Committee position as appropriate. We know our Members and their families have a lot of skills or contacts that the Club would really benefit from. Please let me, Mark or any of the Committee know if you’d like to get involved as we do need your help. Mark will continue to post any future ‘ground force’ activities via SPOND so please look out for these once lockdown finishes. As they say…..”many hands make light work!”

All Weather Training Facility – sadly we continue be held up somewhat here due to Covid19 restrictions delaying access to some funding but this should be resolved by the end of January. As a Committee we remain committed and determined that we should provide the best facility we can and that this will be ready to use well before the start of the 2021 season.

I hope you find this update useful in keeping you up to date with all things NPCC and as I have previously mentioned, for NPCC Members, the SPOND app is another good way to do this. If you are not currently a member of our NPCC SPOND Group and you’d like to be then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll send out instructions to help you do this.

I will update you all again next month with our progress but in the meantime stay safe.


Jullian Marshall-James

Loam Sweet Loam

Just a few snaps as the wicket is closed for its winter break. Some club stalwarts roaming in the loaming last sunday.

Thanks to all those who attended.

Need a bit of rain now

Sadly a flattened frog was spotted in Willis Lane as well

Some lovely photos from Pascal of our last game this season played against Taunton Vale and Jakes swansong. Click here

Not the end we were all hoping for but as the dust settles on an odd season of club cricket we can look back at what has been a cracking couple of months of club cricket at NPCC, which came to a head on Sunday with a loss in the NVC20 Semi Final
Another amazing run in the Village Cup saw us go down by 8 wickets to RedbournCC
Highlights from the Competition:
Whorlow 208 runs @ 41 + 12 wickets @ 11
Rowswell 200 runs @ 40
Szczepanski 11 wickets @ 13
Ogborne 10 wickets @ 16
Incredible wins Vs Congresbury & Frocester
The 1st XI win WEPLCricket Covid D with an unbeaten campaign!
Highlights include:
Symes 266 runs @ 66
Subramanian 11 wickets @ 8
Retter 162 runs @ 32 + 6 wickets
2's win a very strong MSLSomerset Covid league 1 by 12 points! 4 wins and 1 loss
Highlights include:
Dicker 210 runs @ 52 + 8 wickets
Corbett 141 runs @ 70
Hawes 10 wickets @ 10's
Difficult year for the 3's finishing 6th in the MSLSomerset Covid group 10.
Plenty of youth brought on in the process!
Highlights include:
Bromfield 135 runs @ 27
Johnson 134 runs @ 26
Meech 10 wickets @ 11's
Preston 6 wickets @ 23's

Thank you to WEPLCricket, MSLSomerset and The Cricketer NVC for organising some great cricket
Dazza Taylor & umpires who have stood for us this season.
Pascal & Cecilia Szczepanski for scoring every single game.
Our opponents this year.
And of course the Old Dog....


A great run in the National Village Cup for North Perrot was ended by Redbourn CC and we wish them good luck in the final.

Upcoming cricket this weekend

Why not watch some cricket this weekend with combination teams playing. Weather permitting.

And the bar is open Emoji

Socially distant fines and possible BBQ after the games under the marquees

For results and scoreboard statistics, check out the following. Click here

Latest proposed fixtures for September


Or check this following link. Super latest

19 20 Dorset U18 vs Somerset U18s ALL DAY

NPCC training sessions postponement

In line with the Government announcement asking everyone to limit unnecessary social contact it has been decided that we will be postponing all training sessions at Perrott Hill school until further notice and for the foreseeable future

100 Club Results

The draw for December has taken place and the lucky winners are as follows
  6 Month Super Draw  
£150 Darren Taylor 44
£50 The Dickinsons 36
£25 Janet Parkman
£10 Geoff Restorick
Congratulations to the winners and the cheques are in the post.
Happy Christmas & New Year to all our members.
Phil and Belinda


  • £50 Chris Ellis
  • £25 Cecelia Szczepanski
  • £10 Stephen Mayo


  • £50 Richard Haston
  • £25 Claire Burns
  • £10 Dan Hopper


  • £50 J. Marshall-James
  • £25 Will Frost
  • £10 Steve Cox


  • £50 Pascal Szczepanski
  • £25 P. Foxley
  • £10 Denise Banks

Previous winners

The monthly results will be published here and on the Spond members app. There will also be printed copies on both club notice boards.

There will be a campaign to attract new members.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Phil Munden for further details 07890 846166.

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100 Club winners


  • £50 Don Bird
  • £25 Tom Charles
  • £10 Darren Taylor


  • £50 Mark Oppe
  • £25 Alan White
  • £10 Chris Ellis


  • £50 John Haines
  • £25 Geoff Restorick
  • £10 Neil Robinson


  • £50 Don Bird
  • £25 Wendy Ireland
  • £10 Phil Munden


  • £50 George Retter
  • £25 Mat Turner
  • £10 Will Frost


  • £50 Mark Downing
  • £25 Kevin White
  • £10 Brian Dening


  • £50 Darren Taylor
  • £25 George Johnson
  • £10 Cecelia Szczepanski


  • £50 Lorraine Szczepanski
  • £25 Mike Fagg
  • £10 Baz Retter