Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well and surviving the lockdown ok as we approach the tenth week! The weather has certainly been kind and many would say it’s cricketing weather.

So as I write this it’s great to be able to say we have started some cricket in the form of adult nets, albeit very heavily regulated, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4-30 and 8-30pm. The model for playing competitive cricket in the 2020 season remains a dynamic and fluid one, with several concepts having been explored by the various leagues, which they will act upon when permission to play is given the green light.

Whilst we still may not be playing any cricket matches at the moment it’s fair to say that with the easing of the lockdown measures a few members have been able to support Tom who is working as hard as ever to keep the playing surface at it’s best. So my thanks goes out to Dan Hooker, Mike Back, George M-J, Duncan and Pete Ireland, Phil Munden, Mark Downing and Rick Hyett for their work at the ground over the last few weeks.

Away from Willis Lane the committee met ‘virtually’ again this month to ensure the safe and secure running of the Club. Here is an update on a few of the discussion points this month that I’d like to share to keep you all informed:-

1) Club Vision – it’s fair to say that when a newly formed committee is appointed unless the communication is clear there can be a lot of ‘misinformation’ (gossip) around what direction the club is or isn’t going to take. The outbreak of Covid-19 has made this communication even harder despite my best efforts to keep you regularly informed with my monthly update. So let me be clear our vision for the club is simple:-

"To build the standard of cricket across the whole club whilst maintaining and improving our supporting facilities in a sustainable way”

2) Club Development Plan – to support the vision above the committee are currently drawing up a comprehensive 5/10 year plan and later in the year I hope to be able to share our progress with that. In essence we are actively looking at how we can improve our income sources by maximising the ‘assets’ we have so we can then sustainably invest that consistently in the playing side with quality players, coaching etc.

3) Membership subscriptions – thanks again to those that have already paid. In my note last month I outlined that we had decided not to ask you to pay any outstanding membership subscriptions until we had a better understanding of if and when we’d be likely to offer the opportunity to play cricket. Clearly this has changed since and with the nets now in full flow and other leagues gearing up start in early August the committee has agreed to initially set the fee at £20 with the possibility of it increasing further depending on the extent of the cricket that can be provided. A membership form and ways to pay can be found on our website. We ask that you pay this at your earliest convenience to ensure you are fully covered by the club’s insurance whilst at the ground, initially using the nets, and will also go some way to supporting our ongoing costs which I outlined previously at circa. £600pm.

4) Outdoor ‘all weather’ net facilities – SSDC has now passed the planning application following submission of our plans a few months ago which is great news. A good example of one of the previous committee’s legacies being followed through for the club. My thanks to Nick Eckland for starting us on this journey. A sub committee has now been set up, lead by Linda Retter, to work the project through to a hopeful completion by the end of this year. A copy of the plan can be found here on the website.

5) Youth Cricket – unfortunately we have as yet not been able to offer our Youth section the opportunity to use the net facilities but we are hopeful that the learning from the Adult session now in operation combined with any further relaxation of Government and ECB guidelines over the coming weeks may change this. Pascal will of course update the Youth Team Managers as soon as this is known.

Anyway I hope you’ve found the update useful and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the good weather continues and some competitive cricket is with us sooner rather than later.

In the meantime stay alert, stay fit and stay safe!



Jullian Marshall-James

NPCC - Chairman

Statement regarding the use of cricket nets

As of Tuesday 26th May the cricket nets at Willis Lane will be available for use by members of NPCC on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4.30pm and 8.30pm. This availability may extend depending on popularity.

Below are the set of guidelines which must be adhered to, please read in full. Failure to follow these strict guidelines agreed by the ECB and the Government, plus the protocols put in place to support them by NPCC will result in opportunity to use the nets being withdrawn until further notice.

  1. You must book a time slot at least 1 day before. You will not be able to simply turn up as these session need to be recorded and managed within the ECB guidelines.

  2. To book a slot please text or WhatsApp Rick on 07989 852798. Rick will then respond confirming your booking with a copy of the ECB guidelines as a reminder for your session and to check/confirm that no Covid-19 symptoms are evident.

  3. You can net with a maximum 1 person from outside your household as long as you maintain and follow social distancing rules remaining 2m apart at all times.

  4. You can net in a group larger than 2 if every person is from your household. One person from outside your household cannot join this session

  5. You must use your own equipment including your own ball. Do not share. NPCC will not be providing any equipment as this would need to be sanitised after each individual session.

  6. The Pavilion will not be opened but toilet facilities are available to enable you to wash your hands after each session along.

  7. Initially slots will be 60 minutes in length which allows for the net to be sanitised by the users before the next session starts (wipes will be provided for use). Specifically users need to ensure they have sanitised any points of transmission, so contact points, like stumps for example. It does not mean the whole net area.

  8. The gate to the club will be unlocked at 4-15pm and locked shortly after the last session.

  9. Outside of these agreed times the nets should not be used and a ‘net closed sign’ will posted at the ground to highlight this to members.

Please understand that this is the only way we can safely provide some form of cricket at this present time.

For more information, check on the information page



Jullian Marshall-James

NPCC - Chairman

The Association of Cricket Officials have launched online courses for anyone involved in cricket that are free of charge. In addition, scorers can follow Gloucestershire’s Sue Drinkwater deliver a series of live scoring demonstrations on a range of topics on YouTube.

It includes

Basics of Umpiring

This course is aimed at club umpires who just need to know the key laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend. For ages 13 and over.

Why not sign up by visiting


No Test Match, but the draw went ahead.

When Belinda suggested taking in the test match in Galle, little did we know what unprecedented world event would unfold.NPCC Galle

The day before we left the test was called off, but we decided to travel after much discussion. As Sri Lanka had only 1 recorded case of the virus and that was in January, we thought there was as safe as anywhere.

NPCC Sri Lanka



Galle was lovely and we paid a visit to the (very empty) ground to see what is regarded as one of the most picturesque test venues in the world. One of the Galle cricket club senior staff members Asintha very kindly let us in for a look round and to take a few photos.

We then by chance EmojiEmoji found the 100 club draw numbers in my ruck sack and Asintha performed the March draw outside the club.


After this things began to close and we hastily rescheduled our flightNPCC Tour Flag home 5 days early. The last 3 days the island went into curfew, so we were confined to our hotel with 2 other couples. Very poor conditions there, these included the hotel being right on the beach, unbroken sunshine, 32 degree heat and the bar being re-stocked just before the curfew was announced.
All very traumatic ( We cant wait to go back Emoji)

Stay safe everyone

Phil Munden

NPCC training sessions postponement

In line with the Government announcement asking everyone to limit unnecessary social contact it has been decided that we will be postponing all training sessions at Perrott Hill school until further notice and for the foreseeable future

100 Club Results

The April draw took place at chez Yeovil and the results are as follows
No, I didn't draw it myself. Emoji
£50 Don Bird 32
£25 Wendy Ireland 83
£10 Phil Munden 6

Congratulations to all the winners and the disinfected cheques are in the post.
Hopefully some of the restrictions will be eased soon and we can get back to some form of normality (Socialising at Willis Lane)
Stay safe and happy social distancing.
Phil and Belinda Munden


  • £50 George Retter
  • £25 Mat Turner
  • £10 Will Frost


  • £50 Mark Downing
  • £25 Kevin White
  • £10 Brian Dening


  • £50 Darren Taylor
  • £25 George Johnson
  • £10 Cecelia Szczepanski


  • £50 Lorraine Szczepanski
  • £25 Mike Fagg
  • £10 Baz Retter

The monthly results will be published here and on the Spond members app. There will also be printed copies on both club notice boards.

There will be a campaign to attract new members.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Phil Munden for further details 07890 846166.

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Friendly Skittles League

Friendly Skittles League 2020 every Tuesday from 7pm

Come along and enjoy.

Due to the current situation it has been decided to suspend the friendly league skittles until the situation improves and we can get back to some sort of normality.


O H F T BEER 4 4 0 0 635 569 +66 43
WILL FROST 4 3 0 1 576 559 +17 36
GARY SHIPTON 4 3 1 0 612 576 +36 32
4 2 2 0 570 559 +11 26
BOBBIES BABES 4 2 2 0 541 545 -4 23
4 1 2 1 569 602 -33 17
BACK LANERS 5 1 4 0 662 695 -33 15
SOUTHERN COMFORT 5 0 5 0 669 745 -76 9

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